If you are an entrepreneur, first of all let’s just take a minute to STOP and acknowledge you for the rebel you are. I mean, seriously, hats off to you!  You are a special breed, a whole other level of bad ass; entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart!!! Truth is there are only really about 20% of us that are successful, 10% who consistently hit the 6 figure mark, and only 1% that actually figure out how to be the type of successful we all strive to be. However, not everyone knows this as the actual reality, sometimes you may begin to feel discouraged watching everyone else become successful as you continue to Secret Saucestruggle. In the very noisy and sometimes overwhelming world we live in today there are what to appears (<<

We are amidst one of the most exciting times in history as far as entrepreneurship is concerned, especially as women. Never before has it been so easy to create your own success. Thanks to the World Wide Web we have access to global markets in the matter of seconds, with social media we have free marketing, and a way to grow a brand like never before. However, we also are bombarded with a shit load of confusing messages on a daily basis. No matter where you go online, your social media accounts or your email there is someone selling you something, telling you, you need their program, their coaching, their product. By “investing in yourself” which we should all do, but when someone tells you to put yourself in debt, your family at risk, sell your car, all because YOU NEED THEIR SECRET SAUCE RECIPE. RUN! Please run!!!! I have had this happen more times than I can even stomach. People will guilt you; “if you wanted it bad enough, you would do whatever it takes” well yes, this is true. If you want success bad enough you will do what it takes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s someone else’s ridiculously priced program. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of being SOLD to and I don’t want to be the entrepreneur out there selling a dream.

Look, I am going to keep it extremely real here do I have upcoming webinars?  Offerings? Products?  HELL YES! I am not a non-profit, I desire to be successful, I will be in the 1%. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 11 years old, I have failed way more than I have succeeded and have learned a thing or two on my journey that I want to share with you here:

I have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars in Personal and Spiritual Development and can confidently say as a High School Drop out turned moderately successful entrepreneur that the development of one’s self is by far the most crucial part of the success process; it is the foundation you will build your empire on, the weaker the foundation, the weaker the business.  Therefore, you should ALWAYS be working on yourself, but what this DOES NOT mean is that you always need someone else’s program, guidance, ebook, etc. to get you there. If you are like me and many others trying to build a name for themselves you have likely fallen victim to the “training” or “certification” addiction. If you just had this one more skill you would finally make it? If you had the right Mastermind or Mentor to push you outside of your comfort zone then you would be who you want to be. If you had more credentials to put in your bio then more people would want to work with you. If you lost weight people would be more attracted to working with you, if you made more money then people would want to work with you…it goes on and on, am I right?????!!!! STOP! For the love of YOURSELF…STOP the madness!!! There is nothing wrong with you! Read that again: there is nothing wrong with you. Now, say this aloud or if you are in a crowded building in your head :There is nothing wrong with me! Seriously, say it, believe it!

You don’t need anymore training programs, it is time to take off the training wheels, time to figure out who YOU are, who YOU were born to be.  Not who this coach or that coach, or person sees you as or tells you to be, but who you were divinely designed to be! I will not claim this process is easy, like anything else in life that is meaningful it will take work, the work can and likely will be intense. When developing my current brand it changed 500 times, just ask my Creative Director/Webmaster Nicole, I tend to believe had we not known one another since birth she may have told me to shove this whole thing up my you know what and quit on me. Lucky for all of us, she didn’t and now you are reading this beautiful magazine. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to own a magazine and BAM here it is. I was actually told by two “coaches” not to create this. They said it would be too time consuming and not provide an ROI for quite sometime, if ever. This may be true, this is only the second issue, they are seasonal, it will take time to know if this will ever be aThe Secret Sauce Quote profit center, but that is not why I created it. I created this magazine because I stopped listening to everyone else and listened to myself, to that deep desire that had burned inside of me for as long as I could remember. Now I get to feature other Self Love Rebels who are doing amazing things in the world, bad ass beauties we can all learn from. I get to educate and empower my readers to start falling in love with themselves NOW, not after they have completed one of mine or someone else’s programs. Self Love isn’t found in the pages of magazines, books, at a retreat or in a program. However, it is discovered through the inspiration to discover and cultivate it. Through reading real stories of real people who have walked the path before them it can spark the desire for them to take their first step. Why is this so important to me? I was and am sick of not being happy, of not being me and I know I am not alone. When we love ourselves, we love our lives, when these two things are accomplished we can achieve true happiness. At least that is my personal belief and the driving force behind this publication and the Amber brand.

It took a lot of time and money to get where I am and even though I don’t regret the experiences I had nor am I trying to say that having coaches/mentors, taking part in masterminds, or programs that speak to the very essence of who YOU are NOT who you think you should be. If you want to discover your own secret sauce recipe that keeps your clients coming back for seconds and bringing a friend then get ready because I am about ready to give you the smack down, in fact you may want to smack me, but your secret sauce is: YOU!!!

Amber, what does this mean??? You may be frustratingly asking…I know I would be when I read similar articles in desperate search of my secret sauce recipe, I would read articles and watch videos hoping they would give me the secret ingredient I had been looking for. I would search endlessly, sometimes to the point of feeling as if I was the only one without a secret sauce, I would have to settle for so and so’s recipe and if anyone knows me I don’t cook with recipes and I don’t live by “the rules” but I was at a low point in my business, I had been stuck for a very long time. I signed up for webinar after webinar, online program galore and I don’t even really like online programs. I signed up for masterminds, I hired”coach” after “coach” all this did was confuse the shit out of me and make me feel more inferior. Until recently when I had  had ENOUGH!!! I went on my quarterly social media detox and it was here, in the silence (well as silent as it can get with 4 kids, a puppy, and busy Executive husband) I realized the thing missing most was ME. I am unconventional, I am not a domestic goddess even though I have 4 kids, being a mom is great, but not my ultimate calling and thats ok. I cuss like a sailor, I don’t like to wear shoes or make-up, but love to dress up, red lipstick is my jam. Just recently I attended two retreats where I burned sage, made celtic ruins, meditated, swam naked in the ocean in addition to traveling to NYC where we dined like royalty, I  hosted a glamorous Gala and attended a business seminar. I don’t have to fit in a box, nor do YOU! You simply have to be YOU! Bring all of you to the table, let your audience know who YOU are, all of YOU!