You know those annoying thoughts you have humming in the background of your mind? The ones that you know are shifting your mood, making you feel sluggish, sad, frustrated. They are so subtle for the most part, that it’s easy to miss them. You know they are there, but they are not quite loud enough to make you want to stop and become aware. Then slowly but surely they seep into your unconscious mind piling up on top of the many other imprints you have been accumulating along the way.

Becoming aware that the thoughts are there allow you to release them before they stick to your “neurons”, being activated every time a similar situation happens. I’m not advocating giving your entire focus, time, and energy to the thought themselves, but to what’s behind the thoughts.

For most of the time we are operating living life in a trance. We are constantly bombarded by our thoughts and how we take in the outside world that we lose sight of being present. But what if you took a step back and started noticing and observing what was going in your head, and even in your heart? What’s really triggering you? It’s not the thought themselves but the beliefs and stories you hold on to about yourself in relationship to a particular situation.

Let’s say someone cancels a lunch appointment with you. For some people it’s no big deal. They understand that life happens and they are just flexible enough to go with the flow. You on the other hand, start having lots of thoughts. First you say it’s no big deal. Then you start wondering if you did something wrong to that person. Then you may start judging that person, “She’s such a flake!” Before you even catch the next wave of thoughts, your body starts responding. Your chest feels tight. Your shoulders are slump. You feel this knot in your throat. And you want to cry. You still haven’t noticed the thoughts. Next you brush yourself off and just tell yourself that you’re ok and that you didn’t want to go to lunch anyway. And now you actually have more time to go take care of whatever it is. The mind relaxes for a bit and now you missed the opportunity to bring awareness to what part of you that was really triggered. Instead you created an imprint.

When you live in a space of awareness, you have an opportunity to shift how you respond to your thoughts. The moment your thoughts started going off, you could have stopped, observed them, and then asked your SELF, “What part of me is being triggered right now?” You could’ve discovered that you have an abandonment imprint that gets activated whenever someone does something that resembles abandonment. In that moment, you could have made a choice to work through the issue and released some of the energetic imprints associated with it.

Sure, this is a practice. You have been trained for most of your life to “go to your room and think about what you did.” You were taught that “love is full of conditions.” You were taught that “little kids are actually pretty mean and they like to make fun of others.” You were taught that “your sister knew more than you,” and so on. Our first seven years of life are nothing but a canvas for imprints to be drawn on. And so you go on living life collecting more imprints, more confirmations of who you think you are and are not, and wondering why it feels like you have the same song on repeat, humming in the back of your mind.

Cool, this is awesome info. Now what? Now you have a choice. You can choose to be run by your imprints that give rise to your disempowering thoughts; or, you can choose to dig deep, work through the imprints, and release the blocked energy.

Here’s an exercise you can do to help you get started.

When you find yourself being pulled by your thoughts and emotions, take a deep breathe, get a notebook and pen and write down what is coming up for you. If you have reached the point where the thoughts are now just humming and you’re more dealing with the emotions and effects in your body, you can ask for assistance from your unconscious mind, by asking it what story is in the background and what part of you is being triggered. When you start this practice, you will mostly likely start from this point, since you may still be developing your conscious awareness to catch the thought right as it’s happening.

  • Write down everything that is coming up. You may find that you have several issues that seem unrelated come up. For each one, don’t just write down the event. Also, write down how the event is making or made you feel, and what are you believing about yourself. For example, it could be that you are believing you are powerless or not good enough or no one loves you.
  • Then write down what experience you desire to have. For example, you may desire to experience accomplishment, fulfillment, joy, love, etc.
  • In order to experience what you desire, you must be willing to quit something. For me, while I was doing this exercise, was to quit feeling sorry for myself. You will find that there is a common thread in the issues you listed in the first bullet point. Figure out what that is and ask yourself if you are willing to quit doing that particular thing.
  • The last part is to write down three action steps that you can take today that will give you access to experiencing what you desire. It could be exercising, meditating, putting the laundry away, calling three new potential customers, following up with someone, and so on. Writing down your actions steps than doing them grounds your experience and empowers you to feel positive about yourself.

Taking care of ourselves by being aware of how we are living our lives and choosing to live it consciously is one of the greatest acts of self-love we can do for ourselves. So much of our lives is spent living at the mercy of our circumstances, being a victim, and thinking there’s no way out. What if we could live outside of the filters of the imprints that were formed in our unconscious mind? What would be possible then? What could you create? How would your relationships be? Your health? Your wealth? Business, career, finances, spirituality, and so on?

Asking ourselves questions helps move us from being in the space of “this is it. This is my life,” to finding solutions. Be curious about what’s beyond your thoughts. Be curious about who is that being sitting in the seat of Self or consciousness. Ask her questions. Be willing to discover who you truly are and living from your center of wisdom. Then teach others how to do that for themselves. An awakened planet creates health, prosperity, and a sense of oneness.

Your mind is a beautiful thing when it’s being used to serve your consciousness. The problem is when we disconnect from that awareness and assign the mind as having “power of attorney” over our well-being. The mind, meaning our thoughts, can only respond based on the imprints and experiences it has stored in its memory bank. The function of the mind is like a computer. It’s there to help you remember things such as appointments, dates, calculations, etc.

Take your power back and start today living a more empowered life by healing and releasing the energetic imprints that are keeping you spinning on the hamster’s wheel. And choose your SELF over your disempowering thoughts. You got this!

Jacqueline Van Campen HR

Jackie is an author, writer, and intuitive mindset coach and health and fitness coach. She’s the mom of three amazing, confident girls, a wife, and is passionate about facilitating breakthroughs in people’s lives.

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