Hey there you sexy thang! Yes, YOU reading this article. YOU are super sexy and you may not know it, you likely don’t feel like it, so we need to have a little chit chat. Contrary to what we are fed by society, the media, and our filtered friends on social media, sexy is NOT defined by how you think you look in a bikini.  But I don’t wear bikinis, you might be thinking to yourself.  Even if you are too shy or ashamed to go anywhere that has a body of water during the next few months (the months that you couldn’t wait for when you were a kid, but dread as an adult).  This rings especially true if you’re a mom who doesn’t want to be caught dead in any sort of swimwear, let alone a bikini.  But you know your kids are going to want to go cool off with water somewhere, and unless you have a pool of your own, this thought makes your stomach turn…

Summer ConfidenceDoes any of this sound vaguely familiar? Could just be me, but I know that when this time of year rolls around and I am not at my “goal” size I get anxious. Not only about being in a bathing suit, but letting my kids down because I don’t want to be seen in public and possibly embarrass them or myself. The ironic part is that salt water courses through my veins. I LOVE the beach more than any other place on the planet, but the thought of “laying out” or being in a bathing suit, makes my stomach turn. Yes, me, the body activist. The woman screaming from every platform I can to: “Love yourself just as you are, you are imperfectly perfect, you are divinely designed, you are SEXY!” Just because I have dedicated this season of my life to falling in love with myself, which includes every inch of my imperfectly perfect divinely sculpted masterpiece. This does not mean I am not flipping human and struggle with feeling insecure. I admit, I don’t feel as beautiful as I once did, and I have a new, interesting insecurity of feeling “old” now that I have reached the ancient age of 34. However, I have learned how to channel these feelings to transform my current reality and no longer sit on the sidelines of my life. I want to share some of these things with you in hope you will be able to do the same and actually enjoy your summer.

Amber’s Sexy Summer Body Secrets:

  • Whether you have kids or not it is likely you say, “No” to things that you really want to do because you fear what other people may think. They can’t me in a a sundress, a pair of shorts, or OMG – a bathing suit,! STOP THAT WAY OF THINKING! Just STOP! Now, I know it’s not that easy. I wish it was, but you can slowly transform this belief so you can stop hiding and start shining.
  • Answer me this: when you go to the beach, pool, a backyard BBQ, are you judging the other women there? If Donna’s thighs have cellulite (which makes Donna totally normal because, guess what ladies, 90% of us have it – especially if you are over the age of 25), do you think to yourself, Ewww Donna is gross?? Most likely you don’t, or you might and if you do, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!!! The power of our mind is so incredibly powerful, I don’t have to tell you this, you hear it all the time, but let’s just break it down! When you send out negative thoughts about another person, your subconscious does not differentiate between you and the other woman, who for the sake of this exercise we are calling Donna. Your body actually thinks you are calling her gross, which just reaffirms your personal insecurity, not only perpetuating a negative self image, but actually keeping you from transforming your body. Equally as important: if you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge. Instead of judging Donna, or any other woman who dares to rock her curves, why don’t you say: Good for her not caring what anyone thinks, for not letting her insecurities get in her way of having fun.
  • Now, look at Donna (or whatever woman you find yourself thinking these things about) and find all the things that make her beautiful. The way she smiles, the color of her skin, the length and style of her hair, her feet, it doesn’t matter. But start to see her as beautiful and then tell her she is beautiful. Find her beauty and then point it out. All women are our siStars and we all need to be reminded of our divine beauty.
  • After acknowledging the abundance of beauty around you, start to acknowledge the beauty that IS you! Stand in front of the mirror and find all the things you find beautiful about yourself. You may struggle with this, but find at least three things that you find uniquely beautiful about yourself. For me, I love my hair; it is the longest it has ever been and finally grown out to be my natural dark blonde color. I also love my forearms they are slender and showcase my one and only tattoo (for now) it is a lotus, it symbolizes my first major transformation. I also, love my calves, they are muscular and beautiful. When I find myself focusing on the things that make me uncomfortable in my current form I immediately take my eyes or mind to these places and remind myself of how beautiful I am. I begin to believe that the other people where I am also see my beauty and not my imperfections because that is what I see.
    Say “YES!” to something you were avoiding, find the right pair of shorts, dress, or bathing suit you that make you feel beautiful and GO!!! Let me know how it goes.
  • Lastly, I leave you with this. The beautiful thing about our bodies is that they may have a certain shape, color, or physiology, but they can ALWAYS be sculpted. YOU my beautiful friend are a masterpiece created by the divine. Please do not take this lightly. You were quite literally pre-planned and sculpted before you came to this planet for a reason. Things may have happened to you along your journey that are expressing as a physical manifestation in the way you look or feel, but as long as you are in your body you have the power to transform it. It takes falling in love with yourself to fully do this, but you can do it! It all starts by getting to know your body better. Ask her what she wants, not what your mind wants. If you think you want to go through a drive thru or have a cocktail, simply, STOP and ask your body if that is she wants. If the answer is a strong yes that feels good, than drive on thru or fill up your cup, sometimes indulgence is ok. If your bodies honest response is no, honor her and see what she wants, give her that. I have just recently developed a very intimate relationship with my body where I am asking her what she needs, she responds, and I honor her. Sometimes the things she asks for are funny, like to dance, but hey I figure she’s kept me alive for this long the least I can do is dance for her!
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