I have always been fascinated with natural health and beauty. However, my definition of “natural,” like everything else along this Holistic Living journey has evolved. I used to be the Marketer’s dream; a very trusting and eager consumer. As long as it was marketed as “natural” or listed any exotic ingredient, I would whip out my debit card and purchase all the overly priced beauty products I could find and/or afford. I mean if it was “natural” and could make me “more beautiful” than sign me up! In my 20’s I spent more money than I care to divulge on every latest and greatest “natural” product to hit the market. My little sister would lovingly refer to me as a product whore. I suppose I kind of was. I was totally unable to commit to the use of just one product, or brand. I used every lotion and potion I could get my hands on, during my endless and futile pursuit of perfection. It wasn’t until I was in debt and dealing with a ton of health issues I learned the ugly and shocking truth: almost all commercially made beauty products are made with harsh chemicals that disrupt and often destroy your endocrine system!

Considering I had been using “natural” products since before I had my first real kiss. All of a sudden my extreme hormonal issues such as, but not limited to: ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and eventually infertility, made a lot of sense.

Good news was I am and will always be intrigued and drawn to”natural” health and beauty. I became committed and a little obsessed to researching and educating myself on the subjects. This eventually led to my new obsession; Epigenetics. It is wildly fascinating how our environment and what we consume is what truly dictates how our genes express themselves; making us sick, or keeping us healthy.

Even though I had committed to Holistic Living in many ways years ago by doing things such as buying “natural” cleaning products, using essential oils, properly supplementing for my bodies specific needs, reading labels on EVERYTHING, eating an organic diet, etc. I was still using products that even though they were labeled “natural” or “organic” had hidden chemicals that were being absorbed through my largest organ,; my skin.

It was not until I got pregnant with my fourth and final child and got PUPPS a rare, painful, and annoying rash for pregnant women. I started to truly study what I was putting on my skin. I started looking at what I was using. I thought I was being “smarter” and I was to an extent, but not “smart” enough. I walked into my bathroom one day, looked at the endless amount of products that spilled out of drawers and all over counters (and I have a lot of counter space) and realized my over consumption of bath and beauty products was not only wasteful but worse: HARMFUL!

BUT like I mentioned: I LOVE PRODUCTS!! AND have fallen in love with using essential oils, so I decided to start making my own. It is now something that bring me absolute joy. I love crafting different blends, I have even had entrepreneurial fantasies of starting my own line..keep an eye out! I love knowing that my skin is being fed nutrients not poisons

I started with an awesome body oil. I realized it would probably work really well for my face when my tween said to my teen “mom is spotty”. She was referring to my sun spots, a natural consequence of a SoCal beach girl who in her younger years believed hats and sunscreen were for old yuppie moms.Well, this old yuppie/hippie hybrid mom is now “spotty” and since I am committed to authentically living “all natural” I decided to see if it was really possible to make your own effective products. Above are my one month results from using my honey sugar scrub and face oil combo. Below is my recipe:

Amber’s Beauty Blends

Sugar Scrub

1 cup Organic Brown Sugar
1tspCoconut Oil
1tsp Almond Oil
1tbsp Organic Raw Honey
7 drops lemon essential oil
7 drops orange essential oil
7 drops frankincense essential oil
3 drops rose essential oil blend

Face/Body Oil

Coconut Oil
Almond Oil
Orange EO
Lemon EO
Frankincense EO
Rose Oil Blend EO

***Note do not use the face oil before going in the sun, citrus oils will make you more sun sensitive.

A big part of my healing journey has been in balancing my endocrine system. Our hormonal health is very complex; when one or more of our endocrine’s are misfiring it disrupts the whole system, causing a myriad of health issues. Our hormones are what keep our bodies functional, therefore it is crucial not only to our overall state of being to be in balance, but our very existence. When we are out of balance physically, we are also out of balance emotionally and spiritually. Over the past 1.5 years of working with people to design and adopt a Holistic Lifestyle I have learned I am not only not alone, but a shocking 80% of women suffer from some sort of hormonal imbalance. I was blessed to find a product line that would assist me in balancing my body, but realized that I also needed to integrate nutritional practices into my daily routine to further assist myself and clients in bringing our bodies back to their homeostasis state, out of survive mode and into thrive mode.

Since our gut health is directly linked to our overall health, with 70% of our immunity lying within our digestive tract it made sense to start there. I was already taking a quality probiotic to clear my yeast and fungus issues which was working wonders, but I knew there had to be a way to increase my nutrient absorption and optimize my digestion. I discovered the benefits of starting your day with green juice. However, just juice wasn’t filling enough to me and I would find myself starving so I created this green smoothie. I have carefully researched every ingredient, it is designed to activate your digestive enzymes and balance your hormones. Within one week, I felt better, my skin was brighter, I was releasing weight faster, and within 10 months I still had my uterus (something they wanted to take since I was 28) discovered I was pregnant for the fourth and final time, something the Dr. said would never happen because of my endometriosis.

Handful of spinach
1/2 Avocado
1/2 Green pear and/or apple (depending on sweetness desired)
1/2 Cucumber
1 celery stalk (chopped very fine)
Handful of Green Grapes (I freeze mine)

Blend with coconut water/milk, hemp milk, or almond milk depending on desired taste.

*Organic produce is always best
**If pregnant or breastfeeding, add 1-2 ozs of Aloe Gel/Juice to optimize hormonal balancing.
***Please note I believe that bringing the body into balance takes a lot more than one effort, but this particular effort is a great place to start. Let me know how you feel after 7 days of being a Green Goddess!!!

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