The female form has been worshiped throughout the ages. We have been lovingly sculpted in marble, swathed in painted color, and delicately photographed in every sort of light.

Women have always played an integral part of the world’s history. Without us, life would cease to exist. But society has twisted our holy and blessed figures into something unnatural. Now the curves which have been so lovingly admired – and which we have earned with years of childbearing and caring for our families – are deemed to be repulsive.

It’s time to take our power back. When we love ourselves, we become empowered to step into our divine purpose. Together we will balance and nourish our mind, body, and soul to become the healthiest version of ourselves, and to rock our curves with confidence!

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of all women have major issues with their bodies.
of normal-weight women think they are overweight.
of women naturally possess the “ideal” body type.
of women feel no negativity toward their bodies on a daily basis.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Results

Rock Your Curves is loaded with incredible features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our siStars and do our best to integrate their requests on a regular basis. Rock Your Curves is a movement that is not only built by us, but also by our fellow empowered women.


We project and ultimately create whatever thoughts live within our minds. Many have forgotten how powerful the mind can be, and in the rush of everyday life it becomes easy to ignore ones most inner sanctuary.


There are many physical acts that are used throughout the world as a means to relax the mind and spirit, thereby transforming the way one thinks about their body. These powerful techniques can have great influence on us.


By quieting their our destructive inner voice, we can see that there are no coincidences. Changing the way we view our personal experiences can ultimately change how we feel about themselves.

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International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Visionary, and Body Activist Amber J. Boswell created Rock Your Curves (RYC) when she realized that women all over the world were not living the lives they truly desired due to a lack of self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence. Having been anywhere from a size 0 up to a size 20 in her life, she realized that most insecurities were rooted in women’s perception of their bodies, regardless of their size. She created the Rock Your Curves movement to help women across the globe come together in siSTARhood and break free of their body loathing and shame, which in most cases leads to self-abuse. It was through her own journey and the transformations she has inspired within her clients that she realized this was a program she had to make available to the masses.

International Best-Selling Author

International Best Selling Author, certified Energy Healer, and Holistic Mamapreneur. Amber says, ”Once we begin to consciously design the life we desire, we have the ability to manifest miracles, creating a momentum that can literally transform every aspect of our lives.”


Program Coordinator

Since childhood, Nicole has been told that she is an “old soul”. A lifetime of spiritual study and serving others has prepared her for this amazing journey. Nicole says, “Our soul journey does not start and end with this life. You had a large part in writing your own story, in order to learn specific lessons.”

SiSTAR Reviews: We Love our SiSTARs, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our fellow siSTARs.  Check out what our users are saying about the Rock Your Curves program!

“I’ve learned and have been helped so much from this amazing experience.”

“I’ve learned to celebrate ME and have found so much hope in forgiving myself and learning to forgive people who have hurt me in the past. I want to be the best example to my daughter and have worked hard at changing the negative things that come out of my mouth, including those things I say to myself. I still have a winding road ahead but I have no doubt that thanks to Amber, I can handle whatever comes my way! – Wendy Rush

It only takes a few weeks of learning to love yourself on the inside, for you start to feel the difference in everything you do. I loved being a part of this amazing movement!
Kimberly McDermott
RYC taught me a lesson I’ve needed my whole life… You have control over your life. I learned that I can acknowledge my past, learn from it, and leave it in the past. My life is so much more positive now. I have hope for the future. Thanks to Amber I know I will manifest the life I desire.
Meggan Anderson
Rock Your Curves has taught me how to release the pain and guilt from the past. Now I know how to step back and see how to approach thoughts that can be hindering me, and I have the tools to work through them. I have learned to love myself and see myself in a much healthier way. I have more focus, energy and drive. This program has given me a completely new outlook on life!
Jenni Jackson

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