Amber has taught me so much about manifestation, self love, breathing and releasing negativity!


Amber has taught me how to release the pain and guilt from the past.  Now I know how to step back and see how to approach thoughts that can be hindering me, and I have the tools to work through them.  I have learned to love myself and see myself in a much healthier way.   I have more focus, energy and drive.  She has given me a completely new outlook on life!

Thanks to Amber, I realized being me helps me and helps others to be strong enough to be themselves.  Be Authentic.  Be Proud to be you.  Be proud of how God made you.  Never water yourself down for others (PS: they will never notice your trying anyways, so you might as well stay true to yourself ).

Thanks to Amber, I learned a lesson I’ve needed my whole life… You have control over your life. I learned that I can acknowledge my past, learn from it, and leave it in the past. My life is so much more positive now. I have hope for the future. Thanks to Amber I know I will manifest the life I desire.

I’ve learned and have been helped so much from this amazing experience with Amber.  I’ve learned to celebrate ME and have found so much hope in forgiving myself and learning to forgive people who have hurt me in the past. I want to be the best example to my daughter and have worked hard at changing the negative things that come out of my mouth, including things I say to myself. I still have a winding road ahead but I have no doubt that thanks to Amber, I can handle whatever comes my way!