So let me get this straight… The pain I just endured is it to teach me some sort of life lesson? That means I have obviously done something to deserve this sort of painful, crappy lesson.  So what’s wrong with me? Why do I keep getting so many “lessons”?

Many of us have experienced someone telling us that every experience we face is some sort of life lesson. We seem to have this idea that we need to be fixed, or that we have to learn something from our experiences. Don’t misunderstand me; it can be transformative to face the challenges in our life with an attitude of, “What can I learn from this experience or challenge.”

But what if…?

Self_Love_Rebel_Spring_2016_All_A_Lie_QuoteWhat if it isn’t always about learning, or fixing, or lessons? What if it’s about self-acceptance to a degree that you fully own your experiences and simply embrace everything just as it is? What if you’re allowed to love yourself exactly as-is, and just be happy?

Many times people are looking to point the finger of blame somewhere in order to give themselves a sense of relief. People seem to need a reason for everything that happens. After all, it isn’t for naught that the old adage goes, “Everything happens for a reason.”

But maybe that reason isn’t learning. Maybe it’s accepting. When people continue looking outside of themselves to other people, places, and things to blame they fail to realize that turning away from who they are in their own light and means they are refusing the light of God that flows through them. Many will define themselves by the pain they have endured and the challenges they have experienced. But when we give our power to everyone and everything outside ourselves, we relinquish our own personal power. This action is nothing less than denial, which is the opposite of acceptance.

What if you were to be more accepting of all of your mistakes as well as your accomplishments? Accepting of your whole self? How would that feel?
I want to invite you to a new place of self-awareness. I am encouraging you to really examine yourself when you were feverishly trying to find “your lesson”; were you giving the power to others outside of yourself? Have you denied or possibly even punished yourself?

You deserve to accept all of you: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

Remember that the shadow side – otherwise known as fear and denial – cannot exist within the light. You are an amazing creation of light inside of your physical self. So whenever you start doubting yourself and thinking that something is broken inside you, just remember that there may be nothing to fix. You are amazing, so allow yourself to be!


Jena White (otherwise known as “Coach Je”) is the founder of Non-profit Women’s Empowerment Movements “Sisterhood Connections” and “Sisterhood Connections Junior”.  She is a Transformation and Empowerment Coach with a Master’s in Arts and Metaphysical Studies; a laughter teacher; and has completed many different levels of studies on human body healing and wellness.  Jena has a passion to inspire people to live a happier and healthier life by connecting to their true authentic “Self” and truth, flaws and all!  She specifically enjoys working with Coaches, Light Workers, and Healers around the World.

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