Starting anything is tough and starting a new Lifestyle is incredibly difficult! Especially when you have to retrain yourself to not want what the other

person next to you is having as its probably…just probably not GLUTEN FREE! Yes going Gluten Free is a total mindset shift and a lifestyle not just a diet change. If you’re doing it because you simply want to stop feeling bloated all the time, stop the digestive issues, or you’ve been diagnosed as needing to go gluten free, this can save your life and it probably will!

Some of the foods you will need to buy labeled Gluten Free are: Mustard, Soy Sauce, Licorice, Flour, and yes everything else (except your produce).

Probably one of my favorite starting points is finding Gluten Free Flour you can rely on for all your cooking/baking needs! And that Flour is definitely made by GFJules! You will also want to become handy with carrying your own items on you when going on vacation as the plane ride can be very tricky! And I almost always bake something to go with me.

You will need to start reading all the ingredients a lot more clearly and really understanding what you’re putting into your body. This is probably the part that led me to living a cleaner life than those around me not Gluten Free!

Yes going Gluten Free has been tough but you’re about to get a whole lot healthier and happier!



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