Love…we long for it, we crave it, we desire it, in all facets. Sometimes it can be elusive and then sometimes it seems attainable.

What is Love? I believe it isn’t something to strive for as much as it is a state of being. I feel our natural state is LOVE. It is more readily that external circumstances are a driving force to take us out of our natural state of being, which is love.

Self_Love_Rebel_Spring_2016_Longing_For_Love_QuoteYou may wonder, ‘If love is our natural state, why then can it seem elusive?’ The answer lies within. If we aren’t feeling the love for ourselves, then it is eluding us elsewhere in our lives. We literally are the mirror and reflection of how love shows up – or doesn’t show up – in our lives.

So, then you may wonder, ‘how can we get the love we are seeking?’ The truth is to not seek it outside of ourselves, and instead, just tune into it within our own hearts. It may be a tough pill to swallow but the fact is, most people are not loving themselves by not making themselves a priority or taking care of themselves in the manner that is loving and serves their highest good. If you find that you are in the running on E, always giving to others, showing up and supporting everyone else, then I challenge you to take a moment to see how you can turn that effort and energy into you, filling your cup up.

What would that look like? I suggest that you write things down that are music to your soul and lift you up in light, love and relaxation. Be free with your writing and tuning into those pleasures that nurture your soul, maybe it’s as simple as a bath, maybe it’s doing art, or dancing, allow yourself grace to tap into and honor what feels good for you.

After writing your list, note if your immediate response is an excuse as to why you can’t do those things. Then let me challenge you that you can either make an excuse or a choice, noting that the excuse is a self-limiting belief and the choice, is an empowering aspect that you control. When one makes a choice, they are then driving the direction of their truth, desires, wants, etc. and therefore being internally driven, which is the secret to true love. If one is making excuses, then recognize the pattern of why you are letting external circumstances control your life and THEN make the conscious choice to switch to becoming internally driven and making concrete choices that serve your highest good.

When you move to the space of taking care of yourself and becoming internally driven, this is demonstration of self-love. It is from this place of self-love that we attract our mirrors and will find love in those we come across.

Love is everywhere. Love is our essence, our being and natural state. Welcome Home to Love.


Bonnie Silver is a highly empathetic, but also incredibly strong woman who exhibits the balance between leader and servant. As a person of integrity who understands her higher purpose in life, she is consciously awake and knows how to live in the present moment.  Bonnie’s passion is to help people on their life journey to connect to their true-self, and begin to dismantle the blockages of fear in order to allow healing to manifest from the inside-out. Whether it’s connecting through her books and articles, heart2heart sessions, or the wellness products she promotes, Bonnie knows that to build a better society, transformation begins within oneself.

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