Kelly Garcia is a mom to six kids, as well as a wife, an office manager, & an entrepreneur. As she explains, “I became a mom at 17 and had to forgo my scholarships to college, got stuck in my small town, found out birth control was totally ineffective for me, had 5 more kids, and generally detested my life until I turned 30. Realizing I was not the sum of my mistakes and that I’d never lost that potential I heard so much about in my youth, propelled me to find a purpose for my life. I went back to school, tried my hand a few different careers and started to see how the universe rewards action. As pleased as I was with the changes I’d made, something was still missing. I stumbled upon my dream job quite by accident, when I joined a network marketing company without realizing I had just started my own business. I’ve run with it and discovered a way to check all the boxes: income, helping others, and being my best self.” 

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