For thousands of years women have been told what is and what isn’t beautiful; how they should or shouldn’t look; what they should and shouldn’t wear. Some women base their very existence on whether they add up to the filtered and/or photoshopped images they see on their social media feed or TV screens.

I am here to challenge the conventional concept of beauty. What if I told you that beauty had nothing to do with the color of the lipstick you wear, if you wear smoky eye make-up in the middle of the day or don’t wear make-up at all? It has nothing to do with whether or not you wear heels or flats out on Friday night. That It has even less to do with the size of your waist, if you do or don’t have a thigh gap, or whatever the newest body trend is.

True Beauty has nothing to do with any of that. Beauty begins by embracing our imperfections. To be beautiful means embracing all that you are. Your beauty is defined by YOU!

YOU are uniquely, divinely, designed. From the color of your eyes & hair, the size of your nose, lips, breasts – all of it is as beautifully UNIQUE. They are your beauty fingerprints. And like fingerprints, they are unique to each and every individual. There is only one YOU. There will only ever be ONE you. YOU are BEAUTIFUL!

Let that soak in for a moment…still with me? Is your brain bitch going off, arguing that I am wrong, you are not beautiful, you’ve never felt beautiful, so you can’t be, I don’t even know you, so how can I say YOU are beautiful?

Well, that is because we are all beautiful! Every last one of us is a unique masterpiece sculpted by the divine, who are you to question your creator? I think it is time to question yourself, what makes you uniquely beautiful? It is time as women, daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives we rise up and start owning our beauty, when we do this, we change the world, leaving a legacy for the ones that follow!

OWN your beauty, change the world.


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